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Are you planning to paint your house? You have come to the right place. We at Patriot Painting LLC have some of the best residential painters working for us.

Professional Residential Painting In St. George, UT

We are licensed and insured with more than 20 years of experience in the residential painting industry. Whether it is painting the inside of your house or outside, we are experienced in it. Painting as a job is not an easy feat/While people might choose to do it on their own the results will not be as effective as getting it done by professionals. If you want to increase the value of your house, getting the painting done by professionals is a much better investment.

Increase The Aesthetic Value Of House

The aesthetic value of your house increases when you invest in the painting job. We can help you choose the colors, the designs and set a color theme for each room. You might not want simple white walls, if you want designs on the walls, colors theme that goes with the upholstery and lighting, let us know. We have expert interior designers who can help you determine the right colors for your house. The right colors can do wonders. If you want brighter and open looking areas, we can paint light and bright colors. Whereas if you are looking for something more sophisticated and professional looking darker colors can be painted.

Exterior Painting Your House

If you have old paint that is peeling off or you just want something new for the summers, getting the painting done on the exterior of your house is a fantastic decision. We paint the exterior of your house. When the house is looking great it puts a lasting impression on people looking from outside. We use the best quality exterior paint to increase the curb appeal. Our painters will help you choose the right colors that fit the overall aesthetics of your house and also go with the aesthetics of the houses in the neighborhood. Choosing the right color theme can help you be unique without being too flashy. We are experts in house painting. No matter what you need for a perfect painting job, we will bring it to completion. We know what makes a house look better and beautiful.

Interior Painting Your House

When you need to paint the interior of your house, let us know. We will remove wallpaper, old paint, prime your wall then paint it with the best quality paint. We use paint that is non-toxic and durable. Our paint doesn’t fade or peel as easily and remains vibrant for years. Our painters know how to evenly apply the paint so it looks flawless. Unlike self-painted walls, there are no brush marks, inconsistency, or paint accidents. We know how much paint is needed and we only use that much. We will not waste your paint or apply more or less paint on the walls.

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