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Patriot Painting LLC is one of the best known epoxy flooring companies in Utah. When you need epoxy floors in your commercial or residential property, let us know.

Professional Epoxy Flooring Service In St.George, UT

We do custom designs for your epoxy floors so you get the kind of floor you want. Epoxy floors are the new kind of floors people are turning to. This modern flooring technique gives unique and varied designs to your floor. Whether you want floors for your residential property or commercial property, we know just the right kind of epoxy floor for you. We are the kind of company you can trust for your epoxy floors.

Upgrade To Epoxy Floors

If you want to upgrade from your regular floor, epoxy floors are the best option you would choose. Epoxy as a material is versatile. It comes in various colors. We could use combination of colors to give you unique designs. Epoxy floors last a long time, they are resistant to water, stain, staches and can be resurfaces pretty easily. Epoxy floors are more common in industrial settings, such as in warehouses, due to its durability. It can take pretty hard hits. If something heavy hits concrete floors, it might crack it, but epoxy floors can easily take hits without getting damaged. If epoxy floors become old, they can simply be polished.

Choose The Best For Your Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are not easy to install without professionals. Although epoxy floors do not take as much time or as much work, it does require skills. Wrong pouring or mixing technique can cause issues with the curing or design. Our professionals have done it enough times to get it right. We know how to give you the perfect epoxy floor each time. If you have any designs in mind in particular, let us know, and we will ensure to do the design for you. We have gained the knowledge and the expertise from doing this work thousands of times over the years we have worked.

Trust Us To Give You The Best Quality Service

When you hire us you can expect us to give you the best possible service. We use high quality epoxy solutions to give you a durable and vibrant looking floor. Our installations are the best as well. We will not settle for anything but the best. Our professionals staff is trained and certified to install epoxy floors. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to install the floor right. When you need beautiful looking epoxy floors that go with the overall aesthetics of your house, let us know.

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