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Kitchen Painting And Renovation Ideas

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and paint it, go for ideas that highlight the best part of the architecture. The colors on the wall, the color theme of the cabinets, counter top, splashing, flooring all adds to the overall look you are going for.

Here Are Few Kitchen Painting And Renovation Ideas

Paint Your Kitchen With Warm Colors
If you are going for a cozier feeling kitchen, warm colors should be put on the walls. Colors such as orange red, deep brown, etc. If you have a big kitchen space and you want the space to feel warm and little structured, warm colors are a great option. They give you a feel of being at home. Remember to use the right lighting with this color since dimmer color might not be enough for the kitchen. False ceiling with multiple lighting and special focus lighting above the cooking station can be a great idea to light the kitchen.

Paint Your Kitchen With Cool Colors
If you have a small kitchen and you want the kitchen to be brother and feel more open choose cool colors. Cool colors include lighter shades of blue, white and shades of white. Moderately bright light is enough to light up such a kitchen. Natural lighting in the day time will be enough to light up such as the kitchen.

Refinish Your Old Cabinetry
If you do not want to completely replace the cabinetry in your kitchen, you can go for refinishing. Cleaning, painting and polishing the cabinetry can completely transform the look of your cabinets without having to go with the headache of complete removal of your cabinets. The cabinets of your kitchen are a big part of your kitchen aesthetics and making them look new can do your kitchen good.

Paint Your Cabinets Dark
Understanding the right color theme is essential for a space. The floor, the furnishing and the walls all play in the overall look of a kitchen. When you paint the cabinets dark, they absorb the surrounding light and the light colored surroundings reflect the light giving a sense of openness. A kitchen with dark cabinets looks more sophisticated and organised.

Make Way For Natural Light
When you have windows that allow natural light to come into the kitchen, it gives your kitchen a brother look. Natural light has the ability to make a space look bigger. Big windows are a plus on aesthetic scale, not to mention you will save a ton of money when you install windows that allow natural lighting in the kitchen.

Put Lights Along The Countertops
The cooking and the eating area should be brightly lit. These are the places you need the focus on. Putting lights just above the countertops that put focus on these areas will increase the appeal of your kitchen. We also suggest mood lighting as secondary lights in your kitchen. These lights could be dimmed according to the presence of natural lighting outside.